Body-Solid Rubber Round Dumbbells SDP

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The SDP Rubber Round Dumbbells by Body-Solid

Body-Solid’s new rubber round dumbbells (SDP) are an ideal fit for any residential or commercial application. The solid steel handle features a comfortable medium knurl for a secure grip no matter the movement.

The rounded dumbbell head is coated in quality virgin rubber, helping to minimize overall space required and offer unparalleled durability. The end weights are iron, cast with a through hole. The machined chromed handle fits through the hole and is then welded to the end weight. The handle also features chrome-plating which resists chipping, flaking, peeling and corrosion.
The final step is to over-mold the rubber onto the end weights.

Easy-to-read weight designations are embossed on each dumbbell making your search for the perfect weight effortless. Body-Solid’s new rubber round dumbbells are available in five pound increments from 5-100 lbs.


  • Perfect for residential, commercial and vertical market environments
  • Chrome handles resist chipping, flaking, peeling and corrosion
  • Knurled handle for a secure comfortable grip
  • Weight increments embossed for easy selection
  • Rubber encased coating from quality virgin rubber
  • Handles are 6" (I.D.)


  • Grip Diameters
    • 5-25 lbs - 29mm
    • 30-50 lbs - 32mm
    • 55-100 lbs - 34mm
  • Weight Diameters
    • 5-10 lbs - 125mm
    • 15-30 lbs - 152mm
    • 35-100 lbs - 204mm


SDP Head Width


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