IronBull Fitness Walk-In 56" Olympic Hex Bar

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The IronBull Fitness Walk-In 56" Olympic Hex Bar is a heavy-duty piece of fitness equipment.  Are you having trouble with your deadlifts and squats?  Do you experience joint and back pain?  The IR7600 Walk-In 56" Olympic Hex Bar may be the answer.  Featuring dual handles with comfort knurling, this durable 56" Olympic Hex Bar was built to last.

Why use a Hex Bar?

A hex bar provides some benefits over a regular straight olympic bar.  These benefits are helpful for those with back or joint pain.  A hex bar puts the weight distribution at hip level due to the positioning.  This is in comparison to a regular straight barbell used for lifts and squats that put more stress on the back.  Using a hex bar results in:

  • Less stress on the back
  • Reduced spinal compression
  • Better form by maintaining a straight back
  • The potential for less risk of injury

Also, hex bars provide more stability during exercises that can help you to lift more.

Most hex bars come in a form that requires you to step over them and into the middle.  The IronBull Fitness Walk-In 56" Olympic Hex Bar was designed with an opening that allows you to simply walk inside and start your workout.  There is plenty of room for this bar to grow with you.  The total weight capacity of the Walk-In Olympic Hex Bar is a staggering 1000 lbs.  That much room for growth means this Hex Bar will last you a long time.   


  • Heavy-duty Hex/Trap Bar
  • 56" Olympic Bar
  • Dual handle with comfort knurling
  • Weight capacity of 1000 lbs
  • Walk-In Design to provide ease of use
  • Compatible with all Olympic Plates

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