Xtreme Monkey Universal 360 Olympic Bar XM-4212

  • Brand: Xtreme Monkey
  • Product Code: XM-4212
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The XM-4212 Universal 360 Olympic Bar by Xtreme Monkey

The XM 360 Universal Bar features handles that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to supinate and pronate your wrists easily during bilateral curls. The handles also rotate forward or backward so that you can find the precise positions to comfortably target your bi's throughout each rep. Our 47” SupraBar deluxe curl bar with revolving handles is designed to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition.

Used with any 2” Olympic plates, this bar isolates and intensifies development of the biceps and forearms through the biomechanical process of supination – the inward and outward rotation of the wrists. This Supra Curl Bar isolates exertion to the targeted muscle group while relieving stress on tendons and joints.

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